The Tradeoff for Convenience

Technology has made payments more convenient to customers than ever. The tradeoff? Online fraud is at a record high, because more access points bring more vulnerability. When we're at a brick and mortar store buying goods, the simplest way for a cashier to verify us is to look at our face. Is the person handing the credit card the same as the person on the the ID?


Authentication Can Be Tricky

When someone is buying a product online however, verifying customers becomes trickier. For every fraud dollar spent, merchants lose more than three dollars. As a result, more and more companies turn to multi-factor authentication solutions. Kairos can integrate with existing websites and applications to enhance them with face recognition. For example, e-commerce checkouts could authenticate shoppers through their webcam or front facing camera. This way, shoppers can enjoy added security without any inconveniences. Customer support could use it to authenticate identity when dealing with sensitive information. Imagine recognizing customers' faces rather than interrogating them about their mother's maiden name. A simple integration could improve user experience by adding a layer of humanity.


The Future is Telepresent

As telepresence technologies improve, more people are substituting virtual meetings over in-person ones. There are even businesses, small and large, who run their entire operations online. From team members huddling to support agents helping customers, everyone relies on telepresence. This connectivity of course, is great to have. With Kairos, you can also understand the quality of these connections and interactions. Are customers happy when they are speaking with customer support or are they annoyed? Are employees paying attention at the Monday morning conference call? What sort of language makes clients more receptive to your project proposals? Kairos can read nonverbal cues from facial expressions to understand how people feel. Understanding how people feel paves the way for greater empathy. Be it customers, clients or staff, creating empathy leads to smarter business decisions.

Kairos Adds to Video Banking with LiveNinja

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  Low-touch authentication

  Improve mobile accessibility

  Reduce fraud across digital touchpoints

  Read nonverbal cues from facial expressions

  Create empathy within your organization

  Understand your staff and consumers better

Kairos has established itself as a leading AI engine provider in the facial recognition space

- Tyler Schulze, VP Strategy & Development, Veritone


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