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Timekeeping is Tedious

Are you having to remind employees to fill out their timesheets every Friday? Do you find it difficult to keep track of everyone's hours? Not much innovation has happened in the timekeeping space since the punch card days. Tracking attendance at work is tedious as ever for employees and supervisors alike. Moreover, even online timesheets often require manual entry, making them susceptible to human error.


Verify & Track at Once

Kairos can integrate into existing time keeping platforms to add face analysis capabilities. It doesn't need expensive hardware and most smart devices can serve as a Kairos kiosk. Employees enroll into Kairos by taking a front facing, selfie style photo of themselves. Kairos then links enrolled photos to relevant information such as employee IDs or schedules. When a person walks up to a kiosk, Kairos compares their face to all enrolled images to see if there is a match. If it finds a match, it approves the person as an employee and timestamps the entry. This way, Kairos serves both as an identity verification and time tracking tool. Since employees can only 'punch in' with their faces in person, they cannot punch in for each other. Face recognition eliminates 'buddy punching' and remote check ins.


A Flexible Solution

Kairos requires no touch so it is a good fit for places like hospitals where hygiene is essential for safety. When a workplace grows, Kairos can grow with it, it is as easy as installing a few more kiosks. Since Kairos works with smart devices, you can carry it around during field work too. Kairos offers mobility and flexibility for a myriad workforce management needs. We provide the tools so that your organization can be the best version of itself.

Kairos Identifies $14.5M Potential Annual Savings for FTS International

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7 Lessons from Building a Face Recognition Time Clock

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  Track employee work hours

  No more timesheet reminder emails

  Save your business time and money

  Identify and verify employees

  Scales with your business

  Requires no physical contact

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