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We’ve built a brand new way to verify physical identity
for blockchain transactions — introducing the Kairos Protocol™

Turn your dApp into a Trusted Experience.


The Kairos Protocol™ was designed for developers. It’s the easiest way to add identity verification to next gen blockchain dApps—powered by Kairos' state-of-the-art face recognition technology. We're excited to see what you create!

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Kairos Protocol™ in Action

Screenshot of the Kairos Identity Wallet™

Meet the Kairos Identity Wallet™


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Protect users. And your reputation.


The Kairos Protocol™ provides a wide range of possibilities for fraud prevention, security, and identity verification across a broad variety of applications and industries, adding confidence in transactions and limiting malicious activity.

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“In the Blockchain Space, global onboarding is cornerstone. Solutions like Kairos allow us to work with global customers”

— Pablo Orlando, President,

Hackers are going to hate this.


Kairos Protocol™ greatly reduces the costs with processing physical identity verification for blockchain users. Associating each transaction to a physical identity disincentivizes malicious behavior.

Kairos Protocol™ in Action

Photo of a woman using face verification on a laptop computer

With its open source SDK, the Kairos Protocol™ is easy to adopt for any project benefiting from biometric verification.

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