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Transform any Linux system into a secure, customizable, and easily managed platform for edge computing.
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X86 version RPi4 version

Please use the following docker command:

docker pull quay.io/kairos/ubuntu:24.04-standard-arm64-rpi4-v3.0.11-k3sv1.29.3-k3s1-img

You can find more information: here

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X86 version RPi4 version

Please use the following docker command:

docker pull quay.io/kairos/alpine:3.19-standard-arm64-rpi4-v3.0.11-k3sv1.29.3-k3s1-img

You can find more information: here

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Welcome to  

We're here to make your life easier by turning any Linux distribution into a secure, customizable, and easily managed system for edge computing.

With Kairos, you're not just getting an operating system - you're getting a partner for your edge computing needs.

Watch this CNCF Webinar to meet Kairos

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What makes Kairos different?

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Customizable to Your Needs

With Kairos, you're in the driver's seat. Build custom bootable-OS images for your edge devices from your choice of OS and Kubernetes distribution. These images are delivered as container images, and can be customized and extended to your needs. Kairos fits neatly into your CI/CD pipelines and lets you use the container engine of choice.

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Consistent and Secure

Say goodbye to inconsistencies across your clusters with our system's immutability as each node boots from the same image, ensuring uniformity. The system's immutability also reduces the risk of malicious attacks, and with data encryption, your stored data remains protected, providing enhanced security for your clusters.

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to Onboard

We believe in making things simple. With Kairos, you can onboard nodes via QR code, manually, remotely via SSH, interactively, or completely automated with Kubernetes.

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Kubernetes out
of the box

Kairos supports automatic node provisioning via CRDs; upgrade management via Kubernetes; node repurposing and machine autoscaling; plus complete configuration management via cloud-init.

Join our community

Whether you're a part of a DevOps team, an IT engineer, a hobbyist, or a maker, we welcome you to join us in driving forward our vision of a secure, decentralized, and containerized edge.