Kairos at FOSDEM 2024

Last year I said you could expect Kairos to engage further during FOSDEM. And I’m quite pleased to say that’s exactly what we did! As part of the open-source ecosystem, we recognize the importance of participating in these types of events. We do so, because we understand how critical it is to go where our users are, but this year we went a bit further and we also reached out to other similar projects.

From Free-Lunch to Dog-Fooding: A Culinary Journey in Crafting IaC for Kairos Testing and Building

Dimitris did a fantastic job sharing about how we switched our CI/CD pipelines, from using GitHub’s free workers to our own, based on Kairos. You can check out the slides and recordings here (as soon as they become available). We were quite pleased with the level of attendance, and we believe that the message came across.

If you attended the talk, and tried to reach out in person, we’re sorry that we didn’t give you a chance, we needed to make space for the next speaker. Please don’t hesitate to use any of our communication channels in the community page.

Special Purpose Operating Systems Panel (SPOS)

Originally, representatives from Kairos, Flatcar, and Unikraft wanted to have a panel between the different SPOSs. Unfortunately, FOSDEM didn’t accept our request until the day of the event, so everything had to be done ad-hoc. Which probably ended up being a good thing because we were lucky to also have the participation from Eve-OS, MicroOS and Softiron on top of the gang which originally signed up.

I personally found it very helpful to hear we were not alone in our struggles and to learn about how each OS tries to solve sometimes the same problem a little differently depending on their target audience and vision.

We agreed to meet again for FOSDEM 25, so if you’re working in a single-purpose OS, it would be great to get to know you and your project next year. Please reach out via the CNCF SPOS working group charter.

Another good news is that, the panel will still take place because the submission got accepted at KubeCon. Representatives from Bottlerocket (AWS), COS (Google), Flatcar (Microsoft), Kairos (Spectro Cloud), and Unikraft will meet on Friday, March 22nd to talk about what makes our OSs different and what unites us.


As you probably know, Kairos is fully open-sourced, for us this means that we will keep working towards reaching out to users and other projects as much as we can. We believe this is the best way to contribute to the community overall and to build a great project.

If you want to know about events we are interested in attending, you can find them on our Outreach project. If you are an organizer or know about an event where you think we should participate, please open a Feature Request.

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