P2P Network

Optionally Kairos supports full p2p connectivity.

Nodes automatically co-ordinates themselves and bootstrap from the ground-up using a distributed ledger:


The P2P networking is used for co-ordinating and to bootstrap nodes, however, when this functionality is enabled there is also a distributed ledger accessible over the nodes that can be programmatically be accessed and used to store metadata.

Kairos can automatically set up a VPN between the nodes by using a shared secret. This also allows the nodes to automatically coordinate, discover/configure and establish a network overlay spanning across multiple regions. Edgevpn is used for such purpose.

The connection happens in three stages, where the discovery is driven by DHT (distributed hash table) and (multicast DNS) mDNS (which can be selectively disabled/enabled):

  • Discovery
  • Gossip network
  • Full connectivity