P2P multi-node cluster

Install Kairos with p2p support, on a multi-node cluster

A multi-node scenario with non-HA is the default peer-to-peer (P2P) configuration in Kairos. To set this up, you will need to configure the network_token under the p2p configuration in your cloud-config file. Once you have set this, Kairos will handle the configuration of each node.

Consider the following example, which uses cloud-config to automatically configure the cluster:


hostname: kairoslab-{{ trunc 4 .MachineID }}
- name: kairos
  # Replace with your github user and un-comment the line below:
  # - github:mudler

 # Disabling DHT makes co-ordination to discover nodes only in the local network
 disable_dht: true #Enabled by default

 # network_token is the shared secret used by the nodes to co-ordinate with p2p.
 # Setting a network token implies auto.enable = true.
 # To disable, just set auto.enable = false
 network_token: ""

To set up a multi-node P2P scenario with non-HA in Kairos, start by adding your desired network_token under the p2p configuration in the cloud-config file. To generate a network token, see documentation.

Be sure to set disable_dht to true. This will ensure that coordination to discover nodes only happens on the local network.

Once you done with the above step, you can also customize the hostname to your liking by modifying the hostname field, adding your github user to the ssh_authorized_keys field, and adding any other necessary configurations.

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