Artifact Naming Convention

Detailed information about how we name our artifacts including repositories.


Kairos internal architecture


Welcome to the Kairos configuration reference page. This page provides details on the fields available in the YAML file used for installing Kairos, a Linux distribution focused on running Kubernetes. This file, written in cloud-config format, allows you to enable Kairos features, configure k3s, and set various other options.


Reset a node

The Kairos Factory

Converting any base image into a Kairos ready image

Image support matrix

Build Kairos from scratch

This article shows how to bring your own image with Kairos, and build a Kairos derivative from scratch using base container images from popular distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, etc.


Recovery mode


Automatically provision machines with Kairos and AuroraBoot.

Entangle CRDs

Inter-connecting Kubernetes clusters without the need of exposing any service to the public via E2E P2P encrypted networks.


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