Developing with Kairos


What is the Kairos Human Analytics SDK?

The Kairos Human Analytics SDK allows you to detect and use data from human faces in your products. It uses best in class face analysis algorithms and machine learning to deliver fast and accurate real-time results about identity, emotions and demographics.

The SDK supports a range of files, images, and streams:

  • Analyze most images and videos
  • Popular file types and formats are supported
  • Streams from most USB and IP cameras are supported

Learn more about Human Analytics - See all of Kairos' face recognition features.

Why use it?

Human Analytics is your foundation for building intelligent products that return actionable insights about people. It provides meaningful data about faces in video, images and the real-world. This can inform business decisions that go way beyond your traditional data analysis.

For example

You could measure and respond to the emotions and demographics of people experiencing your digital advertising. Alternatively, you could search through millions of faces to find a match. All this, and more, is possible with the Kairos Human Analytics SDK.



Getting a License Key

To use the Kairos Human Analytics SDK you will need an active license key in your project.

Licenses are available by request as part of our pricing plans. All we ask you for is your name, email and a description of your business needs - Learn more about our pricing plans.

Full documentation and demo apps are included alongside the licenses.