kairos supports Rasperry Pi model 3 and 4 with 64bit architecture.

If you are not familiar with the process, it is suggested to follow the quickstart first to see how Kairos works.


  • an SD card with 16gb
  • Etcher or dd
  • A Linux host where to flash the device


Download the Kairos images from the Releases you are interested into. For example, for RPI and k3sv1.21.14+k3s1:

wget https://github.com/kairos-io/provider-kairos/releases/download/v1.0.0-rc2/kairos-opensuse-arm-rpi-v1.0.0-rc2-k3sv1.21.14+k3s1.img

Flash the image

Plug the SD card to your system - to flash the image, you can either use Etcher or dd:

dd if=kairos-opensuse-arm-rpi-v1.0.0-rc2-k3sv1.21.14+k3s1.img of=<device> oflag=sync status=progress

Configure your node

To configure the device, be sure to have the SD plugged in your host. We need to copy a configuration file into cloud-config in the COS_PERSISTENT partition:

$ mkdir /tmp/persistent
$ mount $PERSISTENT /tmp/persistent
$ mkdir /tmp/persistent/cloud-config
$ cp cloud-config.yaml /tmp/persistent/cloud-config
$ umount /tmp/persistent

You can, additionally push more cloud config files into such folder following the yip syntax.