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We’ve built a brand new way to verify physical identity
for blockchain transactions — introducing the Kairos Protocol™

Turn your dApp into a Trusted Experience.


The Kairos Protocol™ was designed for developers. It’s the easiest way to add identity verification to next gen blockchain dApps—powered by Kairos' state-of-the-art face recognition technology. We're excited to see what you create!

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Kairos Protocol™ in Action

Screenshot of the Kairos Identity Wallet™

Meet the Kairos Identity Wallet™


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Protect users. And your reputation.


The Kairos Protocol™ provides a wide range of possibilities for fraud prevention, security, and identity verification across a broad variety of applications and industries, adding confidence in transactions and limiting malicious activity.

“In the Blockchain Space, global onboarding is cornerstone. Solutions like Kairos allow us to work with global customers”

— Pablo Orlando, President,

Hackers are going to hate this.


Kairos Protocol™ greatly reduces the costs with processing physical identity verification for blockchain users. Associating each transaction to a physical identity disincentivizes malicious behavior.

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Kairos Protocol™ in Action

Photo of a woman using face verification on a laptop computer

With its open source SDK, the Kairos Protocol™ is easy to adopt for any project benefiting from biometric verification.

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Kairos Wants to Stop Cryptocurrency Theft with Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition company Kairos today announced the alpha release of the Kairos Protocol, a biometrics verification system for cryptocurrency transactions to verify the person connected to a wallet and prevent theft through blockchain transactions.

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